UA-40175800-1 Mary Elizabeth McCulloch and Project Vive’s Medical Device Innovations

Speech Generating Devices and speech assistive devices on the market today are expensive. Insurance policies are complicated and not everyone who needs one is always covered. Meet Mary Elizabeth McCulloch, she’s changing lives by ​giving a voice to the voiceless with Project Vive and Voz Box. A recent biomedical engineering graduate from a family of engineers and makers, Mary and her team are inventing Speech Generation Devices in new wearable forms by working closely with the people who most need them. Listen and find out how Mary and Project Vive are using low cost sensors and changing lives by leading the development of innovative medical devices and technology.  


Show Highlights:

  • It was really all about the access, not just in price, but in the sensors.
  • Low cost sensors that could change someone’s life. These are sensors in our cell phones that can be used, and we’re really adapting that for the disability community.
  • Wearable for independent communication - worked closely with the person using the device so that the design was modified to fit real life.
  • Loop of instantaneous feedback - Gave the person using device a voice and a vote.
  • People with disabilities are problem solvers.
  • This is about innovation that is informed by people within the disability community.
  • This is a great way to break down the stigma of disabilities.
  • Cisco - 100k prize
  • - accepts donations via fiscal sponsor

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