The OnTrack Podcast welcomes Zaheer Ali, manager of safety, quality, and software product assurance for NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared ...View Details

Mike Creeden joins the OnTrack Podcast to discuss his newly launched non-profit organization, the Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCE-A), who...View Details

Dr. Masha Petrova is on the show to discuss the launch of a mini-documentary series called Altium Stories. Altium Stories is a brand new YouTube serie...View Details

See What's New in Altium Designer Watch the Video, Click Here. Show Highlights: Steve will do several talks at DesignCon this year, including a full-d...View Details

Chris Carlson, Snr FAE at Altium and accomplished Electrical and Electronic Engineer shares the expertise of his 23-year career in development, docume...View Details

Signal integrity expert, Dr. Eric Bogatin, joins us in this episode to talk about the upcoming DesignCon conference and expo that will be held in Sant...View Details

See What's New in Altium Designer Happy New Year, and welcome to the first Podcast of 2020 with OnTrack. In this edition, we shine a light on one of o...View Details

Ben and Judy 2019 Wrap-Up

Welcome the year-end wrap with Ben Jordan, where we’ll discuss routing engines, RF and microwave and high-speed design, and how they differ. We’ll tal...View Details

Simberian makes a physics-based 3D field solver tool that helps measure not only the traces on your board but also the materials. Altium recently ente...View Details

Patrick Züger from GPV Switzerland, a massive fabricator and assembly facility across Europe and China, delivered a great talk at AltiumLive in Europe...View Details

Trade In Your Outdated PCB Design Tool & Unlock Savings on Altium Designer today! Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Justin has been wi...View Details

Mark Ross is a long-time Altium Beta user and our guest in this podcast episode to share his insights and the value he gets from being a Beta user. He...View Details

Trade In Your Outdated PCB Design Tool & Unlock Savings on Altium Designer today! Recording from AltiumLive Europe—we have Max Seeley, Lead Electr...View Details

Trade In Your Outdated PCB Design Tool & Unlock 45% OFF Altium Designer today! Mike Konrad’s passion is educating people about cleaning their boar...View Details

Lawrence Romine, VP of Corporate Marketing for Altium discusses what new features you can expect from Altium Designer® 20, which will be available lat...View Details

Jeremy Blum is the Director of Engineering at Shaper, a start-up company that built the world's first handheld CNC technology for woodworking. Jeremy ...View Details

Jonathan Gottfried is co-founder of Major League Hacking, or MLH, the official student hackathon league. Major League Hacking’s vision is to inspire s...View Details

Happy Holden, known as the father of High-Density Interconnect and the author of The HDI Handbook, is this episode’s fascinating guest. We’ll discuss ...View Details

Today in the studio, we welcome Carl Schattke, who works for a leading electric vehicle manufacturer. Carl has almost forty years of experience in PCB...View Details

Today we speak with Bob Martin, a Senior Staff Engineer with Microchip. Bob is also known as ‘the wizard of make’, and today he’ll discuss his AltiumL...View Details

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