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Kyle Dumont and Valentina Toll Villagra, the founders of AllSpice are passionate about taking hardware development to speed through the cloud. Their ultimate goal is to bring people together, bring the system together, and automate repetitive processes. Watch or listen on the go. You don't want to miss this.

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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Show Highlights:

  • Introductions

    • Kyle Dumont’s background in product development
    • Valentina Toll Villagra background in Mechanical Engineering at Amazon -- machinery and logistics
  • How Allspice got started?
    • Kyle’s experience as an electrical engineer -- software principles applied to hardware
    • Improve the product cycle
    • Keeping up with the change in speed and expectations
    • The need to build a dedicated and specific tool that will allow engineers to collaborate remotely
    • Why the name ‘AllSpice’
  • Software-driven Hardware Development: What do you mean??
    • Hardware (HW) today is what Software (SW) was ten years ago (in-person design review)
    • SW is having a growing influence on HW development
      • Shared practices, tools, timelines, etc.
      • Need for integrated development.
  • Immediate application/solution: Component Shortages 
    • Replacing components takes more than updating a part number
    • It’s more important than ever to validate components quickly and effectively. 
    • Our most successful customers use an 8-step process (read the blog post)
      1. BOM Check
      2. Identifying OOS components
      3. Finding a replacement
      4. Updating the component library, and the design 
      5. Validating the component characteristics
      6. Verifying component footprints
      7. Checking for unintended changes - this is the one that gets you
      8. Releasing the updated design
    • Providing flexible development infrastructure
  • Moving things digitally--in the cloud
    • Teams are more distributed (geographically and in terms of skills)
    • Faster design cycles 
      • What’s driving faster design cycles?
      • What is the impact? (New requirements/old tools and methods)
    • AllSpice Hub features that we didn’t anticipate
  • Where are we going...Continuous Integration, bring people together, bring the system together, and automate repetitive processes

Links and Resources:

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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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