UA-40175800-1 DFA Tips from Duane Benson at Screaming Circuits

Duane Benson from Screaming Circuits shares DFA Tips and a piece of history as he shares the story behind the scenes in developing quick turn prototypes. Listen to learn how one entrepreneur brought fresh perspective to the business that led to great success. And see why Screaming Circuits is uniquely positioned to handle all the leading edge components that PCB designers have available.  


Show Highlights:

  • Screaming Circuits was founded on the premise to get prototypes built quickly. It was a struggle to get small volume prototypes built and a market need was discovered.
  • For prototyping - going abroad invites its own set of risks.
  • A traditionally 6-8 week process, Screaming Circuits does in hours.
  • We don’t specialize in a vertical industry, so we see a lot of the leading edge components.
  • Layout isn’t taught in schools or its self taught. The experts who knew how to make layouts work perfectly have retired.
  • We built a business around stuff being wrong. Stuff isn’t going to be right when it arrives to us and we have to fix it.
  • Why are we having a problem sourcing parts?
  • Personal interests? Photography and decaying industrialism.

Links and Resources:

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Twitter: @pcbassembly, @duanebenson

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