UA-40175800-1 Flex Cost Drivers and Next Gen Technologists, a conversation with Tara Dunn from OMNI PCB

More than ever, people are doing Flex and Rigid Flex for the very first time as industries drive for smaller, more user-friendly devices. Join Altium's Judy Warner and OmniPCB CEO, Tara Dunn for a conversation on industry trends and cost drivers.


Show Highlights:

  • What is driving growth in the market? Space, weight, packaging.
  • Flex is everywhere especially handhelds and medical devices, uptick in flex and rigid flex PCB across every industry.
  • Three main cost drivers for Flex and Rigid Flex: Materials selection, Panel utilization and Technology.
  • And a fourth consideration - understanding your fabricator capabilities and making sure you’re matching your design to their capabilities.
  • Most common materials: copper and polymide.


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