UA-40175800-1 John Watson, Senior PCB Designer at Legrand North America on Altium Nexus

John Watson and his team of 50 PCB designers at Legrand are beta partners in using Altium Nexus, the new Altium solution that takes Altium Designer and pumps it up with a healthy dose of project management capabilities. Find out why John is more excited about Altium Nexus than Altium Designer 18, and how he and his team have combat rogue libraries to tighten process and improve quality.


Show Highlights:

  • Defining Your Design Process: What?, How?, Why?
  • 5 mil boards was once amazing but now… old news
  • Getting Parts You Can Trust
  • Project Management in Altium Nexus - Streamlining and auditing processes
  • Increasing the reliability of the design.
  • LeGrand closes the loop - did we accomplish the why and what?
  • AltiumLive is where you rub shoulders with leaders in the industry; 2 days of great learning.
  • Passing the Torch - There is a concern that there are more jobs than there are designers.


Links and Resources:

Fundamentals of RF/Microwave PCBs

Signal Integrity By Example

PCB Design: Prototyping and the PCB Design Flow (National Instruments White Paper)


Saturn PCB Design Tool

Favourite White Papers

Top 10 DFM Problems That Affect Every Design

Adopting Signal Integrity In Your High Speed Design Process


Best PCB Design Books:

Printed Circuit Handbook by Coombs & Holden

High Speed Digital Designs: A Handbook of Black Magic by Howard Johnson and Martin Graham


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