UA-40175800-1 Lee Ritchey and High Speed Digital Design

When Lee Ritchey “got through launching things to the moon” his career took off (in Silicon Valley...before it was Silicon Valley!) and he is now widely regarded as one of the premier authorities on high speed PCB and system design. He is the founder of Leading Edge and author of Right the First Time.

Show Highlights:

  • Lee started as a microwave engineer who designed chips that went up on the Apollo
  • ICs and “faking” logic
  • High Speed design courses first offered at Berkeley.
  • He wrote the books to make the students happy and provide the coursework that didn’t exist.
  • High speed signal path losses - how do we control skew? Where does it come from?
  • And what’s the answer? Spread glass.

Links and Resources:

Lee Ritchey on Linkedin

Right the First Time

Lee’s Digital Library

Lee Ritchey’s Presentation at AltiumLive 2017 in Munich


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