UA-40175800-1 Multi-board Design, a discussion with Ben Jordan and Judy Warner

Join Altium’s Judy Warner and Ben Jordan for a conversation on Multiboard PCB design.


Show Highlights:

  • Many different product areas are being impacted by developments in Electronics, opening new frontiers - beauty products, wearables
  • Electronics are replacing things that traditionally were not electronics
  • Electronics product development are increasingly driven by engineers, but other makers are inspiring growth in the market - i.e. sofas, smart homes
  • Design and product driven electronics, PCB designers are being pushed to partion boards into multiboard systems
  • Everybody faces this multiboard challenge
  • Immediate visual feedback in 3D design / 3D modeling definitely helps
  • Major recurring challenge in industry: aligning connectors and aligning components that have some kind of outward expression on the actual product; MCAD and PCB assembly alignment. Multiboard design editor allows you to do this.
  • Altium trivia and the origin of making tools for makers
  • Ben's brother and his first soldering tool

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