UA-40175800-1 RF and Microwave PCB Design with John Bushie from ASC

What material do I use? Many PCB designers ask this question. This is an episode about RF and Microwave PCB Design as well as Design for Manufacturing or DFM and it will help you to understand material choices and where to get answers about high speed laminates. Join John Bushie, Director of Technology at American Standard Circuits and Altium's Judy Warner in a discussion about High Speed laminates and the exciting world of RF/Microwave PCBs.


Show Highlights:

  • John and Anaya's new book on iConnect007 about RF/Microwave PCBs
  • You can design something that meets IPC standards and still have problems.
  • What kind of material do you need? That depends.
  • There's what you simulate, and then there's physics. Physics trumps theory.
  • PCB101, a manufacturing educational experience pioneered at ASC


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