UA-40175800-1 Upverter and The Future of Browser-Based PCB Design

Making and checking parts is the most frustrating aspect of PCB design. Find out how Zak Homuth set out to change that and what is next for Upverter, EE Concierge and the future of PCB design in a browser-based setting.

Show Highlights:

  • Why the Upverter parts library? Verified parts at scale, in a high-quality way.
  • Verified parts - free to use for everybody coming soon!
  • Verifying Datasheets, it’s a lot of work and at the heart of design frustrations.
  • I wanted to take the magic of Github and Google Docs and create something for hardware designers.
  • From concept to manufacturing in 20 hours.
  • This is a conduit for bringing ideas to life.


Links and Resources:

Verified Parts on Upverter

A note about Verified Parts coming soon to Octopart


EE Concierge

Zak’s Linkedin

Zak’s Twitter

Indestructible pantyhose + Funny Video

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