UA-40175800-1 What is PCB design? With Kelly Dack and Judy Warner

What is design? Have you been inside a board house? Join Altium’s Judy Warner and Kelly Dack, CID+, for a lively conversation about PCB design and becoming educated in the field. From CID and CID+ to visits to your fab house, learn how to learn for PCB design and where some of these resources are available today.


Show Highlights:

  • Design has to do with a breadth of knowledge. The design tool is only as good as the breadth of knowledge of the designer.
  • Eric Bogatin’s PCB bootcamp-style at the University of Colorado provides exposure to the manufacturing
  • Dreaming a product and then embedding the process steps within the layout
  • You can control so many things in Altium Designer - setup constraints, DRC rules, etc.; designers need to know how to manipulate these constraints so it will yield the best results for the stakeholders in the prTocess.
  • To design is to be in touch with all the stakeholders.
  • Everything in CAD are nominal values / nominal data
  • Without recognizing manufacturing tolerances, we’re doomed.
  • Certified Interconnect Designer or CID Certification, from IPC, teaches the start to finish manufacturing process
  • Eat, sleep and breath PCB design at AltiumLive 2018 - the largest conference in the world focused exclusively on PCB design
  • With Altium Designer 18, “I’m finding it easier to communicate with my mechanical cohorts”.
  • Dream feature: Snap back and forth from min to max toggle
  • Merging the mechanical and the electrical: Mechatronics
  • Design in prototype vs .production - what is sustainable in prototype environment might not work / be scalable in the production environment
  • A challenge for everyone: go visit a board shop!
  • Fun facts: Kelly has a hobby farm and plays harmonica (and guitar!)


Links and Resources:

Eric Bogatin’s University of Colorado PCB design program

Certified Interconnect Designer or CID Certification


AltiumLive 2018 - save the date!

Kelly Dack on Linkedin

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