Dr. Eric Bogatin, Dean of Signal Integrity Academy, is back for some awesome discussion about bad PCB design guidelines. How to spot them to avoid rui...View Details

The NEXAR Ecosystem

Zach Peterson, our guest host, interviews Lawrence Romine, Altium’s Vice president of Marketing, about the exciting future of PCB Design. In this epis...View Details

The OnTrack Podcast team is very excited to have Zach Peterson as a guest host for the next six weeks. Zach is Altium’s Technical Consultant and Exper...View Details

MMw and RF Interaction

Our guest today is John Coonrod, the Technical Marketing Manager at Rogers Corporation. John will generously share with us today a glimpse of his rece...View Details

Everything that goes to making a board works against signal integrity...physics screw things up. -Bill Hargin Avoid getting your design “skewed”! Toda...View Details

Most PCB Designers wear many hats, and one of them is to solve EMC problems. Ken Wyatt, the EMC expert, talks about his passion for sharing his knowle...View Details

In this episode, Altium’s Technical Consultant, Zach Peterson will share his insights about the availability and accessibility of education related to...View Details

AltiumLive 2022 and IPC Apex 2022 are joining forces to bring together all stakeholders in the PCB industry. We have two executives joining us in this...View Details

A Silicon Valley rising star advocates higher efficiency in electronics manufacturing. In this episode, Andrew Scheuermann, CEO, and Co-founder of Arc...View Details

The dean is in! In this episode, Eric Bogatin, the Dean of Signal Integrity Academy is here to talk about empowering PCB  designers to become their ow...View Details

“Software guys, stop blaming the hardware guys for messing up the boards”  - Ari Mahpour What is Hardware-in-the-loop testing and how it can save you ...View Details

“Engage your suppliers early on the design process” - Ed Becze Everyone wants a lower price, and often the “real cost” is not realized until it’s too ...View Details

Copper roughness has an impact on high-speed digital designs. Choose your copper wisely! In this episode, circuit materials expert John Coonrod of Rog...View Details

High-density designs, simplified. Averatek offers a disruptive solution for complex electronic design. We are very fortunate to have the powerhouse ex...View Details

Octopart, the premier data platform for electronic components, handles at least 5 million unique searches every month. In this episode, together with ...View Details

“Working to reduce risk and provide a better customer experience in electronics manufacturing.” - Chris Church Macrofab offers a better electronics ma...View Details

Learn any issues upfront before sending your board design to manufacturing. In this episode, we are honored to have both Anaya Vardya and John Bushie ...View Details

Joining us in this episode is Greg Wood of IHS Markit, a global information company serving financial, automotive; energy and engineering; product des...View Details

In this Ontrack episode, Altium’s Chief Ecosystem Officer, Ted Pawela, and Altium’s Chief Software Architect, Leigh Gawne, join us to give us informat...View Details

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Understanding Semi Additive Process (SAP) and Modified S...View Details

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