Making electromagnetic analysis accessible to anyone in the industry is what inspired Yuriy to create SIMBEOR® Electromagnetic Signal Simulator.

Yuriy Shlepnev is the founder and president of Simberian. In this episode, he will tell us about Simbeor simulation capabilities, and briefly educate us on rise times, signal integrity, and solving EMI. He will also show us the simulator in action and how it can be a lifesaver to PCB designers like you.

Tune in, enjoy and don't forget to check the additional resources below.

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Show Highlights:

  • uriy talks about his background in computational electromagnetics and how he got started working on simulations for PCBs and magnetic analysis 

    • He realized that the byte rates and data rates were increasing, and everything was getting into the microwave domain
    • In 2006,  Simberian was founded as a project to make electromagnetic analysis accessible to anyone in the industry
    • SIMBEOR® was created to make electromagnetic analysis mainstream
  • Simulation capabilities accessible to lower data rates, Yuriy discusses rise times, signal integrity, and solving EMI simultaneously
  • SIMBEOR® 2022 includes three simulation modes, and one of them is the Fast SI which uses more approximate models for pins, pads, and vias. It is a full wave, but not 3D. It allows simulations to run faster for more mass, included
  • Simbeor SDK, a built-in software development kit in Altium Designer’s stackup manager. It uses the SFS solver for cross-sectional analysis, and that benefits Altium customers
  • Yuriy shows us the 3D field solver in action
  • Simulation of fiber weave effect on PCBs, is it possible? 
    • Coming soon in Simbeor SDK is the ability to build your own simulation tools
    • Monte Carlo analysis is a perfect way to convert numeric model variations into a probability distribution
  • What is the future of SIMBEOR® that designers can use to help them expedite important analyses for high-speed and RF designs?

Links and Resources:

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Visit Simberian website and learn more about SIMBEOR® Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software
Read Yuriy’s Articles in SI Journal
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