AltiumLive 2022 and IPC Apex 2022 are joining forces to bring together all stakeholders in the PCB industry.

We have two executives joining us in this episode. Our very own Chief Ecosystem Officer and head of Altium Nexar, Ted Pawela; and IPC’s Vice President of Standards and Technology, Dave Bergman. They will share with us some exciting news about the most anticipated exhibits in the PCB community.

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Introductions:

    • Ted Pawela, the Chief Ecosystem Officer and Head of Cloud (Nexar) Business Unit at Altium
    • Dave Bergman, the Vice President Standards and Technology at IPC
  • IPC and Altium Live conferences co-locate
    • Uniting the stakeholders: PCB Design, PCB Manufacturing, PCB Supply Chain
    • IPC leadership role in the industry⁠— providing standards and educational foundation
    • Bringing and exposing the PCB Designers to additional valuable education
  • Dates of conferences and where overlap opportunities will be offered
    • IPC Apex 2022: January 25th - 27th in San Diego with the theme “Digital Transcendence”
    • AltiumLive 2022: January 26th - 28th in San Diego with the theme: “Connect”
  • The intersection between the 2 conferences
    • The relevance and synergies of ecosystems and community engagement
    • Education strategies from Altium, IPC, and places of interest to intersect
    • Understanding what’s beyond the tools
    • Advancing the PCB designers’ careers through education
    • IPC serves as a validation of the designers’ skills and talent through CID and CID+ training.
  • IPC Foundation
  • Why should you attend, what opportunities are there for you?
    • User-centric
    • Learn from the pure hard work of subject matter experts
    • Improve design skills and connect with the people in the community
  • Experience the biggest and the best, see you in January 2022

Links and Resources:

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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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