Learn any issues upfront before sending your board design to manufacturing.

In this episode, we are honored to have both Anaya Vardya and John Bushie of American Standard Circuits, Inc. They will share the inspiration behind their popular technical Ebook series that help design engineers to design a manufacturable circuit board.

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Introduction and overview of American Standard Circuits, Inc (ASC)
  • The eBook series answers the frequently asked PCB design questions
  • Four Books overview:
    • Fundamentals of PCB Technologies
    • Flex and Rigid-Flex Fundamentals
    • Thermal Management: A Fabricator Perspective
    • Fundamentals of RF/Microwave PCBs
  • Creating manufacturable circuit boards, more than once
  • Technical Webinar series
  • Lifelong learnings that will benefit every PCB designer

Links and Resources:

Anaya Vardya on LinkedIn

John Bushie on LinkedIn

Free eBooks on ASC Website

Technical Webinar Series (Free and On-demand)

Altium Website

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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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