Steve Sandler, electronics simulation and PI guru, prolific author, AEi Systems founder, and president of Picotest, joins the OnTrack Podcast for a “hold onto your seats” discussion of how he came to simulate the International Space Station for NASA, the intricacies of the James Webb Space Telescope, his flash of insight while improving WEBENCH®, modern board level issues, and his secret life as a pizza chef.

Steve will have a significant role in the virtual edition of AltiumLive coming up in October 2020. So get to know him, his new company Picotest, connect with him on LinkedIn, and even take a virtual tour of his lab!

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Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • The essential need for simulation: Steve Sandler and his upcoming role in AltiumLive 2020
  • “ be useful, it has to be fast”: key takeaways from the circuits simulation effort
  • How the James Webb Space Telescope demonstrates the necessity of simulation 
  • Understanding why and what you’re simulating 
  • ”A whole new set of problems”: today’s board level issues 
  • Europa satellite; ground bounce in the printed circuit board
  • Altium’s Ben Jordan’s go-to SPICE simulation book
  • The ISS experiences a solar eclipse every 90 minutes: NASA, AEi Systems, and Steve’s most difficult simulation
  • A brief history of the SPICE engine (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) 
  • Brainstorm!—How Steve used a behavioral model to fix WEBENCH® 
  • Designers After Hours: from PI to (PI)zza; Steve’s secret life as a pizza chef
  • ”I got bored…”: coming out of retirement to start Picotest
  • Sandler on LinkedIn: take a virtual tour of Steve’s laboratory!

Links and Resources:

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