A leading research and advisory company, Gartner, Inc., found that nearly 75% of the 317 CFOs and business finance leaders they surveyed planned to move at least 5% of their formerly on-site workforce into permanently remote positions even after the COVID-19-related quarantines have ended.

Zach Peterson, prolific technology content writer, scientist/engineer, and owner and CEO of Northwest Engineering Solutions, joins the OnTrack Podcast to examine the implications of this finding, and to share best practices for creating a viable and productive remote working environment from both a manager’s and employee’s perspective.

Work from Anywhere. Connect with Anyone.

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Show Highlights

  • The business case for remote teams, and a worldwide freelancing network’s shocking statistic about the future of remote work
  • Suggestions for managers and employees that will ensure their remote teams remain viable and productive
  • The importance of setting clear expectations for your remote team
  • Why you shouldn’t “babysit” your remote workers; the importance of allowing workers to work within their comfort zones
  • Setting clear boundaries: how remote working can upset our work/life balance, and what steps one should take to cultivate it
  •  Tackling the myth of slackers in the remote work environment
  • Ideal tools for the remote working environment
  • “Engage earlier rather than later”—tips for maintaining the relationship between design engineers and manufacturers in a remote environment


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Work from Anywhere. Connect with Anyone.

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