Joining us in this episode is Greg Wood of IHS Markit, a global information company serving financial, automotive; energy and engineering; product design and manufacturing industries.

Greg will share his 20 years of experience in the electronic parts management space to help design engineers like you cope with the current electronics components shortage. Stay tuned for tips and ideas to expand your opportunities to acquire inventory.

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Daily Distribution/Manufacturing information provided to IHS (Audit/Clean up reports)

    • Aggregate counts lead times remaining for active parts for part types
    • Average lead times for counts, regular basis—since covid
    • Presentations: spreadsheet, graphs, trends
    • Monthly report on lead times, pricing, inventory quantities (products this summer)
  • Webinars
  • What’s driving component shortage?
  • “The Crazy” Findings, learnings, stories—use cases.
  • Coping strategy for design engineers
  • Impact on overall business: previous post acquisitions. previous versions cross-reference, replacement reduce time by at least 50%
  • Significant impact on automotive industries—shocking impact!
  • Where are we now
    • Big move to fabrication
    • TSMC: Agreed to 100 Billion to increase capacity
  • What do I need to do NOW?
    • Procurement advise
    • Pay close attention to available products
  • Heavy investment on infrastructure: 50 Billion in incentives

Links and Resources:

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IHS Website
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Design Survival Guide in a World of Parts Shortages
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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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