In this episode, our guest Joe Dickson, tells us about the cutting-edge technology implemented in advanced packaging at Wus Printed Circuit International.  

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Show Highlights:

  • Joe Dickson talks about what they do at Wus, a printed circuit manufacturing company

    • He shares about their efforts to bring PCB technologies farther up by introducing advanced packaging options
    • He briefly describes what printed circuit-like materials are, also known as the vertical interposers or PCIe
  • Zach explains how a pre-packaged chip can be mounted on a board
  • What are the reliability and signal integrity challenges that come with assembling different packages on a board
    • Off-the-board solutions start to become more and more desirable 
  • The flexibility of design and components is what driving the market to use more integrated packaging
  • Speed is everything! When will the industry move on from copper and go to optical? 
  • Knowing what's going on in simulations is very important; it opens opportunities to try new things
  • Joe explains a way of using Faraday cages with cable connections on the surface
  • Examples of the large market using the PCIe method are Xilinx and NVIDIA
  • How far is silicon photonics from becoming mainstream as an interconnect technology?
  • Standardazion versus innovation
  • The future of PCB assembly is hybrid. Some will use the off-shelf, best-in-class products from Intel, AMB, NVIDIA, Xilinx, and get creative with them. 

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