It’s a privilege to be sitting down with Didrik Beck, CEO of Elmatica, the world’s oldest PCB broker company and now part of the NCAB group and CAB group. Together we will dive into exciting topics surrounding cybersecurity, compliance, and supply chain and his upcoming presentation at IPC Apex. Didrik has some interesting insights on supply chain Cybersecurity management in the PCB design and manufacturing industry. Make sure to watch through the end and check out the additional resources below. This episode will be an insightful one! 

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  • Dedrick Bech introducing Elmatica 

    • World's oldest PCB broker
    • Recently acquired by the NCAB group
    • Securing PCBs for different partners in the PCB supply chain
  • A quick summary of what was going to be in the IPC Apex paper that Dedrick is presenting
  • Different levels of compliance and to what extent does this apply in the PCB design and manufacturing
    • Controlled Unclassified Information (UCI) 
    • Every country has a different view on it
  • Two possible aspects of greater focus on compliance 
    • Intellectual property
    • Cybersecurity concerns
  • How to get IT and compliance strategy come back and get implemented together 
  • Data security awareness - some tips and practical steps 
  • Is it worth it to invest for a data security software and team 
  • More ways companies can do to help guarantee compliance and prevent data to be copied 
  • Formalized packages for a high level of compliance - how deep does this have to go for small companies 
  • Compliance and Cybersecurity differs from country to country and depending on: 
    • the company 
    • the country’s regulations
    • where the PCB is produced
  • There is a room for improvement in creating some compliance hazards for designers 
    • Start with a good communication with the supply chain team
    • Gather data ahead of time
  • Misconception about sharing data 
  • Securing supply chain for large subcontractors 
  • The importance of reading and understanding Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) regulation 
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Links and Resources:

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Visit Elmatica’s Website here
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)
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