A Silicon Valley rising star advocates higher efficiency in electronics manufacturing.

In this episode, Andrew Scheuermann, CEO, and Co-founder of Arch, shares his company’s mission to drive digitization and sustainable innovation in electronics manufacturing. He will discuss Surface Mount Technology machine optimization and how factories can benefit from advanced analytics.

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Watch the video, click here. [link to website live page]

Show Highlights:

  • Introduction to Andrew and the founding of Arch Systems

    • Understanding the founders, Andrew Scheuermann and Tim Burke’s experimentalist and theoretical personas, respectively
    • The key to finding their niche
    • Starting Startx - top 5 startup in the world
    • Platform mindset - software and hardware technology that could be deployed to any kind of machine
    • Become a world expert in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines
  • Industrial Automation, how does software makes the world go round?
    • Opportunity identified for SMT industrial control automation and useable, meaningful data
  • Data-driven, smart manufacturing
    • In-depth analytics-getting data out of legacy machines
    • Digital Proof of concept, why is this valuable?
    • 20 - 40 or even 60 percent improvement in manufacturing efficiency
  • Predicted quality, 99% OK what do you do with the 1%?
  • How do you get data out of the machine and translate them into meaningful solutions?
    • Universal translation, aggregation, data security
    • Andrew explains ArchFX broker being deployed on-premise
  • The benefits of advanced analytics - Improved Quality, reliability, speed, better-increased margins, Informed CapX spend

Links and Resources:

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The ArchFX Platform: The Proven Fast Track to Transformation

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