In this episode, we are very pleased to have Dr. Rob Spalding. He is a retired Brigade General at the US Air Force and now the CEO of SEMPRE (Secure EMP-Resistant Edge), a tech company based in Washinton DC that provides military-grade 5G and high-performance edge computing infrastructure for telecom operators, first responders, government and enterprise customers.

Today, Rob and I will talk about all things security! Rob will tackle the importance of being proactive when it comes to protecting your data, and his advocacy to bring a better understanding of technology and innovation in Washington, DC (White House).

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Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Rob’s background and career before he became the CEO of SEMPRE
  • What is SEMPRE? What are the problems it solves and the solutions it offers?
  • Rob clarifies what’s written in his 5G report, which was taken out of context in 2018
    • He emphasizes building enough spectrum into the network to take full advantage of the 5G technology
  • Rob’s take on PCB manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing onshore
    • Onshore manufacturing has its advantage in controlling and protecting intellectual property
    • Most corporations are making decisions on the basis of, what's my margin?
    • TSMC has built itself up to be the best chip company in the world because they own the manufacturing line
  • Hardware-level security in base stations
    • Ability to zerorize crypto–shutting infrastructure down, and shut that thing down physically destroy certain things
    • SEMPRE uses FPGAs as a security advantage
  • It's data that really drive value in the economy
    • If we can’t protect our data, then we can't protect the integrity of who we are as individuals and who we are as a nation
  • Rob demonstrates how vulnerable is the public from being spied on
  • recent survey reveals that there will be a talent shortage in the PCB design and manufacturing industry in the next 15 years
  • Rob suggests allocation of budget to sponsor American kids through four-year degree programs in STEM
    • During the Cold War, the US had initiated education for national security–a lot of scientists and engineers in the space race were educated through this initiative
  • The advantages of bringing the manufacturing back to the US

Links and Resources:

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