Gerry Partida is a 36 year veteran of the PCB industry, and spent twenty of those years working in boardshops. He is currently a Senior Field Application Engineer for Summit Interconnect, where he and his colleagues have made a fascinating discovery about the reliability of multiple stacked microvias. Gerry and his team are still collecting data on this finding, but he joined us on OnTrack to share a firsthand account of what he knows!

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Show Highlights:

  • Gerry shares his industry background and introduces Summit Interconnect, the second largest printed circuit board manufacturer in North America.
  • What is a microvia? A manufacturer’s perspective.
  • The first step is recognizing there’s a problem: a brief overview of the issue with multiple (more than two) stacked microvias.
  • To boldly go where no one has gone before: In the absence of an IPC standard, Gerry shares the recommended distance between stacked microvia and mechanically drilled holes. 
  • Gerry’s advice on how to avoid overloading your designs.
  • Gerry discusses IPC-6012E and the need for performance testing in the absence of adequate scopes (over 500x). 
  • OM testers: What are they, how prevalent are they, and how can they add value to your company?
  • OM testing: Reflow simulation and thermal shock testing—its value and its scope. 

Links and Resources:

Gerry Partida on LinkedIn
Summit Interconnect


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