Istvan Novak, Principal Signal and Power Integrity Engineer for Samtec Inc. and winner of the DesignCon 2020 Engineer of the Year Award joins the OnTrack podcast to talk picosatellites, simulation tools, and the rising importance of power integrity.

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Show Highlights

  • Introduction to Istvan Novak 
  • A brief look at Samtec Inc., the successful computer equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Indiana.
  • Istvan’s path to becoming a Power Integrity expert
  • CubeSats and the students who make them
  • The challenges of dimensionality: has power integrity become more important than signal integrity?
  • When Power Integrity is an afterthought
  • The value of expert disagreement
  • “Regardless of what we want to simulate, we can find good simulation tools to do it”: Good design and the challenges of modeling and simulation
  • Closing thoughts; the first working Picosatellite; and the first electrosmog map of the globe 



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