What is the current state of the electronic industry? Dan Schoenfelder joins us today to discuss the most extreme problems the PCB design industry is currently facing: supply shortages, particularly the semi-conductor products and microcontrollers.

Tune in, or listen on the go. Learn how to keep up with the industry challenges through Nexar and Octopart.

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Show Highlights:

  • Dan shares his background and role his role at Octopart and now as the Head of Nexar sales
  • Problems with the supply chain continue; how are companies coping with the shortages in semi-conductor products and microcontrollers?
    • What is lean manufacturing, and what drives an inflexible supply chain?
    • The effect of the pandemic on manufacturing facilities is still very apparent and may continue through 2013
  • Dan discusses the many benefits of utilizing Octopart to find and access electronic components data easily
    • Octopart is the search engine for electronics and makes a great tool to integrate into PCB design workflows
    • Dan shares Octopart’s new features, including the ability to filter and search by specs
  • How does the Nexar API help with democratizing information in the electronics industry?
    • Ability to obtain information through the Nexar API programmatically and incorporate that into native workflows inside the users’ businesses
    • Nexar works with the RAI to ensure that all data collected can be trusted
  • Dan talks about the Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI), which is meant to provide users with free insight into what's happening in the electronic space in general
  • Supply Chain Resilience tools – help designers build thoughtful designs and build BOMs (Bill of Materials) that are resilient to unforeseen challenges
  • What’s coming next for Nexar?

Links and Resources:

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Search electronic parts, visit Octopart.com
Design with the PCB Community, learn more about the Nexar ecosystem
Learn more about the Electronic Design to Delivery index (EDDI)
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