Let’s talk about Electronics reliability with the QA guru Cheryl Tulkoff.

In this episode Cheryl and I will talk about risk assessment, planning for not only success but also a failure, and understanding the difference between quality and reliability. This discussion is going to be very informative for every PCB designer who wants to get ahead of their game. Watch through the end, and make sure to check the additional resources below.

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Show Highlights:

  • Cheryl shares her rewarding career experience in the electronics industry

    • She worked at IBM where she was immersed in electronic manufacturing from beginning to end
    • She also worked at DfR Solutions and National Instruments where she learned all the skills and knowledge in electronics manufacturability, quality & reliability consulting
  • To produce a successful electronic product it is important to have the awareness to resolve every problem, from the chip level, board level, system level, and the environment level
  • Cheryl explains why unique or non-aligned standards exist in the industry – no one size fits all
  • A great piece of advice for all PCB designers is to know what you are designing and who you are designing it for, look at the risks, and then manage them appropriately
  • Planning for success may also include celebrating failures. Budget for failure analysis is often disregarded due to the “success-driven roadmap” mentality
  • Failure should be part of design management
  • Cheryl and Zach talk about the “Startup Culture”
  • Software reliability and hardware reliability go hand in hand
  • What rate of failure is tolerable? Defining what is quality and reliability separately for the product you are designing
  • Manufacturers can not ensure reliability for you
  • Cheryl shares her experience being involved in litigation as an expert witness
  • Redundancy practices in the industry, is it typical?
  • What can designers do to mitigate failures?
    • Understanding what you are designing and who you are designing it for
    • Collect as much feedback as possible – from users, industry experts, and professional organizations

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