Welcome to the very first podcast of the year! Altium has been very serious about designing WITH manufacturing, and so our guest for today is Amit Bahl, the director of sales and marketing at Sierra Circuits. We will talk about his passion about promoting the level of sophistication in the PCB manufacturing floor. Watch or listen on the go, this will be fun!

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Amit first exposure in the PCB industry

    • He grew up around printed circuit board (PCB)
    • First to install a DFM tool called Valor
    • First to install a LDI machine or a laser direct imaging machine
  • PCB is the backbone of electronics
  • The PCB designer must see a pcb factory. Sierra offers a virtual tour of the PCB factory.
  • The PCB manufacturing level of sophistication, and high standards are driven by customers
    • PCB designers must push the envelope and to be more courageous with their design, while understanding the maximum capability of their manufacturers to receive better products
    • Equipment vendors need more motivation to make improvements
  • Sierra Circuits offers PCB Fabrication, Assembly, & Components
    • Connecting the dots in technological and logistical standpoint
    • Semi-automated Customer portal - a real time feedback to customer on how to improve their designs
    • DFA and DFM starts when complete data is on hand
  • The most common feedback or mistakes in the PCB manufacturing floor
    • Aspect ratio of plating a via - what is the fabricator’s capability?
    • Drilling copper - where do you drill? Optimizing the drill to the material movement.
  • A good fabricator will know the best material to use
  • Getting the available stackup early on - knowledge base of the standard materials on stocks
  • Manufacturing tools and resources for designers
    • 99% success rate - eliminating nuances
    • Impedance tool
  • PCB Manufacturing Pro tip: Talk to your fabricator and understand the details - take the time!
  • Sierra Circuit’s new website and good knowledge base
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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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