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Happy New Year, and welcome to the first Podcast of 2020 with OnTrack. In this edition, we shine a light on one of our design community’s brightest stars, Jeremy Blum. Jeremy is a two-time AltiumLive keynote speaker and has also been featured on this podcast twice. He’s recently released an expanded and updated edition of his book Exploring Arduino, which he originally wrote in 2013. Enjoy a few clips to get to know Jeremy better.

Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Jeremy shares more about the work he does as the Head of Engineering at Shaper Tools
  • Is Jeremy a prolific geek, or is he a nerd? 
  • More about Jeremy’s YouTube channel
  • Jeremy’s first job out of university was at Google, where he helped co-develop Google Glass
  • More about the updated and expanded edition of ‘Exploring Arduino’
  • We are giving away two signed copies of Jeremy’s book as a thank you for the input we receive from our users. Let us know what you’d like to learn about, and who you’d like to see on the OnTrack Podcast in the year ahead.

Links and Resources:

Exploring Arduino Hard Copy 
Exploring Arduino PDF 
Jeremy Blum YouTube

Want to qualify to win one of two signed copies of Jeremy’s book, Exploring Arduino? Please comment on social media using the hashtag #OnTrack Podcast and let us know what people or topics you would like to hear featured on the OnTrack podcast in 2020.


See What's New in Altium Designer

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