“Don't get your ground plane, there's never really a good reason to do that.” - Dr. Todd Hubing


Dr. Todd Hubing debunks the EMC myth. Dr. Hubing has authored or co-authored over 200 papers and presentations on electromagnetic modeling, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and the design of reliable electronic systems. In this episode he shares with us 30 years worth of knowledge, tested and proven facts about EMC.

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Introduction. Get to know Dr. Todd Hubing.
  • Learn EMC, Resources and Courses
  • EMC question of the week from 2017 - 2020 compiled in a book, available now.
  • EMC design guidelines: Top 4
    • Solid ground planes should be gapped between analog and digital circuits.
    • The decoupling capacitor should be located as close as physically possible to the IC’s power pin.
    • On multi-layer boards, the best stack-up is ...
    • To suppress common-mode noise, the power input on a circuit board should have a common-mode choke.

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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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