Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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Show Highlight - Pro Tips! 

  • How do you build a new data management system? 
  • Build templates and defaults (files) and remember to always do this FIRST - copy the Altium defaults and set them up from there. Please review all the parameters and learn how they flow. Then check in to Concord / Altium365.
  • Review and organize your categorization system. Make templates. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. Restrain yourself from over-organizing.
  • Build up a test project and test it out.
  • Bonus: Use the drafting system; it is awesome.

Show Notes:

  • Why did you start using Altium 365 Pro? 
  • Flat data model is dead
    • Database and programmable access to a managed data system
    • Version control within the new data management system
    • Part availability and shortages and crosses
    • Better than Digi-key in some cases :)
  • What solutions/benefits did this offer to the organizations you are involved in?
  • Digging into the details: Advice for your peers and those considering this solution: 
    • Maybe prototype and implementation should be different
    • Migrating to Altium 365...go slow and don’t jump into the migrator right away.
    • The templating system is great...USE IT! (if Pro)
    • Sample data is a nice place to start, but hardly a perfect plan
    • Directories are a good start, but data quality varies and is inconsistent
    • Highly recommend the pro version
    • Concord Pro for DoD work (on-premises)
    • Plan it out, figure out what really matters. I wasted a lot of time on what didn't matter.
      • I ultimately wrote an entire document with footprint names/IDs, formatting of the descriptions, etc.  After making a mess.
  • Rs and Cs were the hardest.  Use Excel to build tables. (John Watson’s tip)
  • Lot's of little details which are not readily apparent how they work together.

Links and Resources:

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Concord Pro (On premise)
Altium 365 Pro Subscription (includes Concord Pro for Data Management)

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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