On May 16, 1994, the Signal Integrity List (SI-List) was founded, with just 30 members on its charter email list. Today, there are more than 4,000 members worldwide, and the list includes Signal Integrity gurus like Istvan Novak, Todd Hubbing, Steve Weir, and Scott McMorrow. 


In this episode of the OnTrack Podcast, one of those world renown SI gurus, Scott McMorrow, CTO of Samtec Inc.’s Signal Integrity Group, connects with Judy Warner to discuss signal integrity concerns, and especially Samtec’s Webinar series, gEEk spEEk

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Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights

  • Scott McMorrow, CTO of Signal Integrity Group at Samtec Inc
  • A quick overview of Samtec
  • What is gEEk spEEk? 
  • Learn something in 60 minutes; gEEk spEEk’s online content
  • How to sign up for gEEk spEEk
  • Using gEEk spEEk for internal training
  • How Signal Integrity List got its start
  • Judy’s big question: “When did you know you were gonna be an engineer?”


Work from Anywhere. Connect with Anyone.

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