The aerospace industry has driven the high-reliability design in the center focus. Juan Frias, our guest for today, is a very experienced PCB designer who has designed for Aerospace, Military, Industrial, Semiconductor, Communications, Medical, and Automotive; he will be sharing the tips for a successful design for manufacturability. We will also tackle Flex and Rigid-Flex design. This conversation will be fun and insightful, so watch through the end and make sure to check the additional resources below.

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Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • High-Reliability Design WITH Manufacturing, how did the Aerospace industry influence this focus?
  • The advantages of working closely with the manufacturing team
    • Focus on improving the design process and eliminating back and forth communication and miscommunications
    • Understanding what will work BEST for your manufacturer
  • Working with flex and rigid-flex designs
    • Space savers
    • Reliability  and stability advantages
    • Choosing between flex versus a rigid-flex board, what are the considerations?
  • Can you use BGA on Flex?
  • How does the manufacturer influence the material selection
  • Board-spin on existing design–the systemized process of ordering materials that are running low
  • The design preparation process for fabrication
  • What do designers need to know about stiffener
  • The importance of creating a prototype to save time and money
  • PCB Validation, test and Inspections, who does what?
    • Typically the customers are the only ones who can do a test with the product because they have the entire system on their end
    • PCB designers perform the electrical tests and control impedance lines
  • Identifying a good designer to do business with–-local vs. overseas
  • See you at the AltiumLive 2022. Register here

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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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