The town of Calumet, with a population of barely seven-hundred, was once the booming epicenter of Michigan’s upper peninsula mining industry. When the industry began to fail, unemployment skyrocketed, and the townspeople sought local solutions for creating jobs that could sustain the town’s families.

Rob Cooke, Director of Engineering Services at Calumet Electronics Corp, joins the OnTrack podcast to discuss the Open Source Ventilator project, his experiences implementing Altium-365, and the radical decision business owners in that small town of Calumet, Michigan made more than 50 years ago, which led to the rise of Calumet Electronics Corp.

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Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights

  • Intro to Rob Cooke: how he got involved with Dugan Karnazes and the Open Source Ventilator Project.
  • From copper ore to copper pours: Calumet, Michigan’s fascinating backstory.
  • So what’s the hold-up? The right tool for avoiding excessive holds and other barriers to expedient design.
  • Reality transcends the map: Altium-365 demos vs firsthand experience.
  • The impact and implications of sudden hyper-efficiency at the designer, fabricator, and assembler level.
  • The shock of realtime: “This is what can happen when things don’t go on hold!”
  • Rob offers some final thoughts on the purchasing and quoting paradigm.



Altium 365 Podcast Listener Discount

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