Dugan Karnazes (Velocity Research), Rob Cooke (Calumet Electronics), and Chris Denney (Worthington Assembly) join the OnTrack podcast to relay their experiences while working on the OSV (Open Source Ventilator) project. The OSV project is a global coalition formed entirely of volunteer engineers, corporations, manufacturers, and hospital systems which helped alleviate world-wide ventilator shortages at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn how Dugan, Rob, and Chris helped the Open Source Ventilator project design, manufacture, and supply ventilators in record time.  

Watch the video, click here


Show Highlights

  • Introduction to Dugan Karnazes, Rob Cooke, and Chris Denney 
  • When engineering projects go viral: How the OSV (Open Source Ventilator) Project began
  • ”30 minutes I’ll never forget”—How Chris Denney joined the OSV project
  • ”Let’s just make this thing happen”—Why OSV isn’t your everyday engineering project
  • How Rob Cooke joined the Open Source Ventilator project
  • “Using Altium 365 is like engineering with cheat codes”—coordinating the OSV project
  • Chris Denney on how Altium 365 eliminated needless delays
  • How software like G Suite and Altium 365 are fundamentally changing the future of design
  • The biggest thing we can do to impact our industry
  • How the industry is streamlining design by making geography irrelevant



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