Angus Thomson is Senior Electronic Engineer and founder of CircuitBuilder, a brand new platform for simplifying the development of custom electronics out of Suffolk, England. Angus joins the OnTrack Podcast to share his experiences as CircuitBuilder’s founder, and to discuss the fine points of CircuitBuilder’s evolving business model, which has so far proven immune to the challenges of the global pandemic.

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Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights

  • Introduction to Angus Thomson 
  • ”I thought: there’s a better way to do this”—Angus’ road to entrepreneurship
  • How CircuitBuilder utilizes Altium 365 to provide customers with realtime 3D views of their designs
  • The CircuitBuilder growing network of engineers 
  • CircuitBuilder’s successful, lightweight recruitment process 
  • Proving it out in your own backyard: Angus on expanding market reach
  • Transparency: How Altium 365 pushes CircuitBuilder beyond the errors of the past
  • Design, Manufacture, or both? CircuitBuilder’s evolving business model
  • The secret of CircuitBuilder’s resilience during the coronavirus health crisis
  • Angus offers his insight on the future of design in a post COVID-19 world, and on CircuitBuilder’s role in that future 



Altium 365 Podcast Listener Discount

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