Jeremie Waller, Sr. Electrical Engineer at Quantel Laser, visits the OnTrack podcast to talk about infrared lasers, microplasma bursts, transitioning to Altium 365, and setting up user groups. 

Work from Anywhere. Connect with Anyone.

Watch the video, click here. 

Show Highlights

  • An introduction to Jeremie Waller and Lumibird.
  • Shock and awe: Class IV lasers and Lidar applications.
  • A video demonstration: microplasmic bursts in the lab with the Merion C—a 100 millijoule 400Hz infrared laser.   
  • ”Going to the cloud just sounded like the right thing to do.” How Jeremie and his team became Altium 365 beta users at the outset of the pandemic.
  • eedback on the transition to Altium 365 from Firmware Engineers, Material Managers, and 
  • Fabricators.
  • Learn, connect, and get inspired: Adopting Altium and the importance of review meetings and training. 
  • Lost in Translation: working in a global work environment.
  • Adventures in setting up Altium Live user groups.It takes less time than you think. Run by you, the users; and run your way.


Quantel Lasers by Lumibird website

Introduction to Lumibird (Video)

Jeremie Waller LinkedIn profile

Altium 365 website

Judy Warner LinkedIn Profile


To Learn more about starting an Altium User Group:


Work from Anywhere. Connect with Anyone.

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