This is a very interesting episode, especially for hardware engineers. Duncan Haldane, the CEO, and co-founder of JITX joins us to share a very interesting approach to PCB design. JITX is a way for hardware engineers to write code to design circuit boards.

I know you are excited to hear more! Watch this episode or listen on the go. Be sure to check out the show notes and additional resources below.

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Show Highlights:

  • Duncan talks about the Series A funding from Sequoia Capital and the general availability of JITX as an actual product.
  • Duncan's path to engineering started in robotics
  • How can an electrical engineer benefit from JITX? Duncan explained in detail
  • JITX is very well integrated with Altium, it works natively with the existing designs and libraries 
  • Hardware-generated code transforms the job of an engineer a little bit so that they don't have to manually look through all of the different specs for every component that they need
  • JITX is a Nexar partner and uses Octoparts data, in addition, they built a different type of database that's meant for part optimization.
  • Reusable expert hardware engineering knowledge is one of JITX’s ultimate goals
    • They are building full automation for boards, new kinds of routing algorithms, new kinds of placement algorithms, and checks for physical geometry
  • The future is optimization
    • Zach and Duncan excitedly talked about AI, and how it can be used to drive some parameters to create new designs
  • Electrical engineers’ job is secure, automation can help with the shortage, but will not replace electrical engineers’ jobs
  • What the future looks like for JITX

Links and Resources:

Connect with Duncan Haldane on LinkedIn
Visit JITX website
Read JITX Launches General Availability And Announces $12M Series A From Sequoia Capital

Connect with Zach on LinkedIn
Visit Nexar website
Visit Octopart website


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