“Engage your suppliers early on the design process” - Ed Becze

Everyone wants a lower price, and often the “real cost” is not realized until it’s too late. In this episode, Ed Becze of Pegmatis, a highly experienced R&D company with end-to-end product development capabilities, joins us to help start-ups and design engineers like you avoid electronic product development failures. 

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics
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Show Highlights:

  • Introduction and the interesting origin of Pegmatis’s company name 
  • Ed explains the foundation of a good product development process
  • A thoughtful development plan mitigates risk early on—engage vendors and suppliers early on the design process (understand parts, availability, vendor capabilities aligned with your product)
  • Holistic understanding of electronic product development: strategy, cost, and your design team’s experience level
  • Start-up challenges, how to prevent failures:
    • Understanding the risk of “development by demo”
    • Address the lack of system-level design experience (use external expertise if needed)
    • Don’t trust the data sheetsonly 5% of chipset providers give adequate design rules to follow. The rest, you are on your own.
    • Manufacturing test is absolutely critical—test equipment and test development are often overlooked
    • Engage early on the design process. Ed stresses the benefits of nurturing your relationships with your vendors and manufacturers.
    • Successful product development relies exclusively on your networkfind capable vendors
  • Supply chain intelligence, plan ahead when coping with supply challenges
  • Cost reductiondo it, but follow the process that is within the constraints of what you intended to create.
  • What are the costs of NOT thoughtfully designing? It’s huge! Money and time. Delays inTime to market are extremely expensive.

Links and Resources:

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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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