This episode will learn how a childhood dream can turn into reality through hard work, determination, and networking. Andrew Hartnett dreamt of working with NASA at a very young age. He will share with us exactly how he landed his Computer Engineer position in this very sought-after agency.

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Show Highlights:

  • Andrew’s background, from his 3rd-grade drawing and high school robotics team to landing a co-op internship program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC)

    • He joined The First Robotics Team in high school
    • A lot of networking and determination is what helps him land the co-op internship program
    • He started working full-time in January 2010
  • Briefly discuss Upverter and the benefits of having high-school level educational programs for aspiring PCB designers
  • What is NASA’s co-op internship program? Andrew describes the advantages of the co-op program over a typical internship
    • Get exposure to things you don’t get at school
    • Experience designing and actual assembly of PCB
  • Andrew talks about electronic design standards at NASA and shares details about testing, reliability, and the challenges of sending electronic devices to the space
    • Addressing devices’ heat, and vibration in space
  • Andrew talks more about First Robotic Competition and stresses the importance of hands-on experience for high school kids or younger

Links and Resources:

Visit NASA’s JSC website
Learn more about JSC’s Internship Program
Making electronic design easy, visit Upverter's website
Register at Altium Education for Free
Altium Designer Free Student License
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