Learn by doing is what Bill Kolicoski, the creator of Taste the Code Youtube Channel advises everyone who wants to jump into the electronic design. Bill is a software developer passionate about making electronics design and engineering fun.

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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Show Highlights:

  • Bill shares how he got started with his Youtube Channel, Taste the Code

    • Bill recognizes that designing and building electronics is a perfect way to understand software or coding – making the code more tangible
  • Making electronic design accessible for everyone is one of Bill’s missions in creating his channel
    • Jumpstart to electronics design through learning by doing
  • Software and hardware coexist–a software engineer should have an understanding of how hardware works
    • It’s the eureka moments that help students understand how things work
    • Understanding what happens in the code and the chip to make things come to life
  • Bill emphasizes improving your design skills by exploring all possibilities how you can improve your finished product
  • Reference design for hardware developments and reverse engineering is a great way to make electronics and hardware more understandable
  • Bill shares what drove him to pursue software vs. hardware
    • Software is a lot easier to outsource
    • Location/ country can be a determinant of pursuing a specific career in tech
  • Having fun doing electronics
  • Getting hands dirty and jumping right into the design process; this and more tips from Bill on how to get into the electronics design and how you can improve your skills
    • Search for videos with a specific solution 
  • Invest time in building projects
  • Make your work public and get feedback from the community and professionals
  • Rubber Duck Debugging is a software jargon meaning explaining a challenging scenario to yourself to develop a solution

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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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