Altium launches a new curriculum into the college in university space called Altium Education. In this episode, Rea Callender, Altium’s Vice President of Education tell us what is in the curriculum, who is it for, and how it will help PCB designers and aspiring designers advance into their career.

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics
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Show Highlights:

  • Altium launches Altium Education, which aims to educate anyone who knows nothing about printed circuit board design, to learn the skills to create a printed circuit board, and send it off to manufacturing
    • Students can still apply for Free Altium Designer® license
  • Altium is taking the lead in PCB Design Education
    • Teaching the process of circuit board design
    • Modular approach with 16 units that college professors can use to supplement their course
    • Student can take the curriculum for free and take it as a self-phase learning tool
  • Altium Education have received positive feedback from college professors  prior to its launch

College professor - excellent response

  • There is currently no curriculum similar to Altium Education, it is a supplemental course, it's not meant to displace anything
  • Pcdandf survey reports that in 15 years, approximately 78% of the workforce to retire which may lead to the talent shortage
  • Altium Education will help attract talent to the field
    • It will equip the students with proper skills in PCB design
    • It is designed for High School students, College students, and Professional

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