Mike Creeden joins the OnTrack Podcast to discuss his newly launched non-profit organization, the Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCE-A), whose mission is “to empower you, the Printed Circuit Engineering Professional”. Mike is a board designer who began his career working in the automotive industry, and has since, in addition to maintaining a lucrative career, served on the IPC Designer’s Council. Join us and learn more about this organization for PCB designers.

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Show Highlights:

  • Mike began his career in the Midwest, designing boards for the automotive industry. He became an officer of the local chapter of the IPC Designer’s Council, serving as a Communications and Education Officer, and eventually started his own Design Service Center, which offered a more well-rounded experience than he felt he could get working for CAD vendors and designing products for OEMs over the years.
  • Since selling his Design Service Center business, he’s been working with EPTAC and IPC as a CID Instructor, teaching CID and CID+, and is currently designated a Master IPC Instructor.  
  • Mike has donated nearly a thousand hours to the collective EPTAC effort, part of which includes the task of rewriting the CID+ training manual!
  • Within the last year, Mike has also taken a position as a Technical Director of Design Education with Insulectro, North America’s leading Isola and Dupont distributor. 
  • “IPC is an Us, not a Them”: So, if you know your craft, you’re more than welcome to join!
  • At the start of 2020, Mike launched a new design organization called PCE-A—Printed Circuit Engineering Association—in response to the dissolution of the IPC Designer’s Council. Printed Circuit  Engineering Association will be a non-profit, 501C6-type organization that is free to join, and their affiliated groups will be, for example, PCE-OC for Orange County, or PCE-SD, or PCE-RTC (the research triangle). 
  • The purpose of the PCEA is to empower you, the Printed Circuit Engineering Professional, to improve your career and truly bring value to your company - there’s nothing to be sold here!
  • Visit PCE-A.org for more information

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