It’s that time again to have Altium’s VP of Marketing, Lawrence Romine, the bearer of good news when it comes to Altium Designer’s latest features. We will discuss what’s coming in Altium Designer 23 which includes multi-board and harness design capabilities.

You don’t want to miss this one. Watch through the end and be sure to check the show notes and additional resources below.

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Show Highlights

  • Altium Designer®’s regular and reliable updates are incomparable in the industry, stay on top of the monthly updates through the OnTrack newsletter
  • There are 3 major themes to come in Altium Designer 2023
    • Multi-board systems and harness design – empower PCB designers and electrical engineers to design harnesses
    • Collaboration and teamwork
    • Make Altium Designer a necessity for every PCB designer – the world's greatest and most elegant design experience
  • Code Designer, coming soon – the ability to work natively in Altium Designer and in Mcad tool of choice
  • Multi-board and harness design capability, Altium Designer is fully supported through Altium 365
  • It's never too soon to involve the other stakeholders in your PCB design
  • New power analysis capability powered by Keysight, anybody that can design a printed circuit board can now do some power analysis
  • Altium Designer users are encouraged to check out all of the extensions, especially the new power analyzer

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