Matt Kelly is the  Chief Technologist at IPC. In this episode we will discuss all about the technological challenges the industry is facing. Matt will help us understand the “ecosystem” involving the semiconductor industry, advanced packaging, and IC substrates.

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Show Highlights:

  • Matt Kelly’s role as the Chief Technologist at IPC
  • The Moore's Law is continuing, but it is economically becoming difficult to maintain, this has become the driving force behind heterogeneous integration 
  • What does the CHIPS Act really mean for manufacturers?
  • Production of semiconductors is an expensive business–one fabrication infrastructure can cost an average of 20 billion dollars
  • Matt stresses the need in the industry to use, and understand the “ecosystem” involving the semiconductor industry, advanced packaging, and IC substrates
  • The US has a 20-year market leader, knowhow gap, weak sub-tier supply, skilled workforce shortage, and lack of raw materials
  • The industry needs to spend time looking at the big picture, take the bigger messages, and convert them into actual change
  • A significant shift in the workforce–PCB designers are a scarce commodity. In the near future, printed circuit board designers may have to double as IC substrate designers
  • The global supply chain is alive and well, a change to a regional and global mindset is necessary to overcome most of the industry challenges
    • Matt shares the same scenario with produce shoppers in the summertime, you try to buy your fresh fruits and vegetables locally from your local farmers or whatever, but yet you still go to the grocery store
  • IPC’s focus is on increasing workforce skills development in the areas of design and assembly

Links and Resources:

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