In this OnTrack episode, Zach and Phil of Phil’s Lab Youtube channel exchange ideas on how they can stay on top of their PCB design game or learn new things. Phil Salmony, a successful youtube creator with 64.6K subscribers, shares with us how he was introduced to PCB design, his early career, and what got him to start his own Youtube channel. This is a fun episode. Watch it through the end and check out the additional resources below.

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Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Whiteboard – an essential piece for PCB design-related content
  • PCB design education from the university, theories, and ideologies versus PCB design for the real world
  • Phil shares that DSPs (Digital signal processors) are the coolest thing, and he has a dedicated section of them on his channel
  • Zach and Phil exchange opinions about their consultation and PCB design jobs
  • How do you go about learning new things? Zach and Phil have their share of different ways to acquire information to help them better their skills
    • Learn through well-documented samples or PCB design projects  and reverse engineer
    • Seminars with  experts and attending conferences
    • Taking online courses like the IPC - CID (Certified Interconnect Designers) and PCEA CPCD course
    • Youtube videos and keynote presentations, e,g, How to Achieve Proper Grounding By Rick Hartley
  • One of the most asked questions in PCB design is about grounding. Phil and Zach suggested a couple of books supplement for PCB design
  • Phil talks about how he got started with PCB design
  • Designs and chip shortages and supply forecast, what to expect in the next few years?
  • The value of connecting with your (youtube channel) audience for content ideas
  • Altium Academy and Phil’s Lab history on Youtube and future projects

Links and Resources:

Subscribe to Phil’s Lab YT Channel

Connect with Phil on LinkedIn

Visit Phil’s Lab Website

How to Achieve Proper Grounding By Rick Hartley

Watch Podcast Episodes with Rick Hartley

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering by Henry Ott

Grounds for Grounding: A Circuit to System Handbook by Kai-Sang Lock

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Altium Website


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