In this episode, Carl Bugeja, an Electronics Engineer and a well-known Youtube Creator, talk about his experience designing electronics, how he started, and his fascination with inventing new things. He will also share some exciting robotics projects he is currently working on. Watch through the end, and make sure to check out the additional resources below.

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics
Watch the video, click here. 

Show Highlights:

  • Carl's background in PCB and electronics design 02:02

    • A startup with a friend, Carl designed cool stuff such as drones, bluetooth, and alarm techs
    • He created and and documented his electronics projects which he started sharing on Youtube
  • Carl first started using Altium Designer® when he was in his third year in the University, and love using it since then
  • Carl shares his design process, and his approach to PCB design
  • The first project that Carl shared on YouTube is a PCB Motor 04:28
    • How PCB Motor project got started 06:39
    • Soft robotics
  • The benefits of using flexible PCBs 09:36
    • There’s nothing you can’t do with a flexible PCB
    • An opportunity to play around and create a new concept
  • Trial and error is Carl’s way to learning and improving his skills with creating flex PCBs 10:41
  • One of Carl’s most challenging project and most viewed video on Youtube is his Jumping PCB 13:12
  • Check out Carl's recent projects 18:46 
  • Carl's firmware writing skills is acquired from his actual projects and work experience 17:00
  • The importance of building a good relationship with your manufacturer 22:38
  • Check out Carl Bugeja’s YouTube Channel here

Links and Resources:

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Altium Website
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Learn More about Altium Nexar


Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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