The Hacksmith proves that everything is possible through science, one project at a time.

In this episode, Ian Hillier, the COO, and Co-founder of Hacksmith Industry, will share with us what it is like to create a fully working prototype of the coolest and most fascinating objects we see in the movies, comics, video games. He will also talk about how he transitioned from a full-time mechanical engineer to a full-time youtube content creator. Watch or listen through the end! You will hear everything, from the fun, failures, and the success of recreating futuristic, fictional objects.

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Show Highlights:

  • Ian talks about his mechanical engineering background and how he and his friend James Hobson founded Hacksmith Entertainment Ltd

    • James has been publishing his engineering projects on his blog and videos on Youtube for 16 years and decided to do it full-time in 2015 when he reached about 70k subscribers
    • Ian quit his job and joined James just six months before getting married
    • The duo focused on getting more views by posting viral videos, one of which was the Captain America Shield project
  • Hacksmith’s growing team
    • From 70k subscribers, they immediately grew to 100k in 2016 and now 12.4 million and still growing
    • Their team now consists of 24 full-time members, which includes mechatronics and electrical engineers, videographers, and the merchandise team
  • From creating simple, fun projects to upscale mind-blowing lasers, Hacksmith’s bread and butter are turning fictional objects in movies and games, portrayed through special effects, into a working prototype. Some of their coolest projects are:
  • Hacksmith's goal as an organization is to encourage future generations of engineers.
  • How does Hacksmith operate as a team?
    • Each project is assigned to a team, and they can bring additional resources as needed.
    • They create and customize everything in-house; their shop is equipped with all the machines and toys they need
  • Ian talks about their most extreme and powerful project, the Hoverboard
  • Ian’s favorite projects include high current electronics. His personal favorite is the Rebar Crossbow–it pumps 2000 amps through the rebar until it glows red hot, and then you shoot it
  • retractable Lightsaber created with a modified oxy-propane torch
  • Ian explains how designing their PCBs contributes to the success of their projects

Links and Resources:

Visit Hacksmith Youtube Channel to watch more of their mind-blowing engineering projects.
Connect with Ian Hillier on LinkedIn
Connect with Zack on LinkedIn

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