In this Ontrack episode, Altium’s Chief Ecosystem Officer, Ted Pawela, and Altium’s Chief Software Architect, Leigh Gawne, join us to give us information about the launching of Nexar. Who is Nexar for? What’s the vision behind it and the strategy (the Why) of this new business unit? They explain how Nexar addresses critical needs for design engineers and delivers direct and frictionless access to the entire ecosystem of electronics tools and service providers. 

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • The first year of Altium 365: adoption trajectory, feedback, latest advancement, and plans
  • Launching of Nexar: What is Nexar? (Open Ecosystem, zero cost)
  • Nexar ties together with Altium 365, APIs released April 30th (Octopart), and Partner Dashboard. What can be expected in the following weeks and months? 
  • Types of partners, goals for those partners, and access to users/Octopart 
    • Benefits and opportunities for both users and partners
  • Mcad slide (workspace)
  • What’s in it for users and Industry at large?
    • Electronics is still in its infancy.
    • Ecad: Walled Garden.
    • Cloud is an enabling force to bring electronics into this century and make transformation a reality.
  • One of the drivers of this technology is smart and connected devices (cloud-enabled)
  • Cloud Security: AWS, the most secure platform, continual improvement
  • Work with top experts in cloud security (bank safe vs. bed mattress)

Links and Resources:

Nexar Website
Nexar Official Press Release
Altium 365
Open Source Ventilator (30 days to realization with Altium 365)
Transitioning a global team to Altium 365 during Covid Lockdown
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Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

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