The AltiumLive Virtual Summit is just around the corner! So in a unique episode of OnTrack, we share clips of Robert Feranec, motherboard designer and founder and CEO of Fedeval Academy, speaking on such topics as IoT device security in an increasingly connected world, the pitfalls of underestimating the complexity of your fellow stakeholder’s job, and the value of attending AltiumLive. This is a short and impactful episode you shouldn’t miss.  

Work from Anywhere. Connect with Anyone.

Watch the video, click here. 

Show Highlights:

  • Introduction to Robert Feranec, Founder of Fedevel Academy
  • From design engineer to educator: Robert’s career trajectory 
  • Learn, Connect, Get Inspired: Robert on the value of AltiumLive 
  • ”It’s never simple”: the illusion of simplicity in other stakeholders’ jobs
  • Security and the rise of security of IoT devices
  • Altium 365 and cloud security: Amazon Web Service’s Dave Pellerin’s AltiumLive keynote

Links and Resources:

Work from Anywhere. Connect with Anyone.

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