OnTrack welcomes Natasha Baker, CEO of SnapEDA. Natasha is an electrical engineer with fourteen years of experience who founded SnapEDA after seeing a need for a ‘Google of electronics components’. SnapEDA is, the world’s first electronics design search engine, currently serves more than a million professional engineers,  and supports the development of more than 400,000 unique hardware products every year. 

Natasha joins us to discuss the origin of SnapEDA, its free automated part builder, Instabuild, and what transparency means to engineering.

Altium Designer, Uncompromising PCB Design Experience

Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Introducing Natasha Baker, CEO of SnapEDA
  • SnapEDA: an origin story 
  • What SnapEDA is and what it does
  • PCB Librarians and ‘rogue libraries’
  • Consistency and transparency: Managing IPC compliance
  • Additional benefits of using SnapEDA
  • Broader implications of SnapEDA’s platform population
  • What attracted Natasha Baker to engineering?
  • How to access the SnapEDA APIs, plugins, and tools 
  • Instabuild: an automation tool 
  • Transparency in the engineering environment
  • Meeting challenges in the absence of universal file formats
  • SnapEDA’s post-coronavirus resilience
  • Natasha on engineering trends and where it goes from here

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